Comic about a team of hacktivists that take on the NSA. Watch trailer

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Shawn Harris is a hacktivist who just pushed the boundaries too far. On the run from the FBI, he joins a team of hackers to stop an unexpected threat to the American people: their own government.

Under the pretense of security from people like Shawn, the NSA and presidential candidate Dean Calloway feel it necessary to use our personal data against us.

Now it's up to the revolutionaries of the internet age to stand up for the freedoms we don't even know we're losing.

EXTRAS: An introduction by Brian Brushwood, original concept art, pinup by Sam Laggren

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"Hacktivity is depressing as hell. And I think that's why I find it so inspiring."
Brian Brushwood, Introduction

"...an excellent tale that hits maybe a little closer to home than many people realize."
Gary Makries, Geeks of Doom

"This is the kind of story I've been waiting to read and produced in such an awesome way."

"With the great script and amazing artwork, this is a title I will definitely be watching out for."
Cory Thrall, Bag & Bored